New Balancing

The "New Balancing" was initially designed by Suma & Senna at the end of 2021 to improve the balancing on random maps. Since then, it has seen continuous improvement following further input from various members of the community.

  • Probability for ponds and lakes near the center of the map increased. The size of lakes varies greatly and not all lakes will have rivers.
  • Asians have a very high probability of having a little swamp near their starting position.
  • Cost of small tower is reduced from 3 to 2 boards.
  • Mine improvements
    • 40% less waiting time before a mine run for gold mines.
    • 20% less waiting time before a mine walk all mines except gold mines.
    • Miners perform one additional mine walk per food eaten.
  • Shield Spell
    • Now makes you immune to other combat spells (Convert, Banish, Punish Bows, Freeze, Fear).
    • Cancels negative effects (Freeze, Fear).
    • The cost is reduced from 20 to 15 mana.
  • Brewery:
    • The input is reduced by 50%, so that you can produce the same amount of mana with less grain.
    • The implementation increases the output per work run to two barrels, but also double the work time of the brewery.
  • Fisherman
    • Slightly increased catch rate for fishermen
  • The cost of the small tower is reduced from 3 to 2 stones. This also speeds up the construction.
  • The wood consumption of the charcoal burning is reduced to 4 (from 5).

All details about the evaluation can be read here: