Under the modernization umbrella, we group several changes that re-visit and improve old mechanics and also add new ones to provide you further options to tweak and control your settlement.

Reducing Repetitive Tasks

We reduce repetitive tasks where you do not have any real choice, but which you have to perform either once or in fixed time intervals:

  • Woodcutter/forester/waterworks are now always trying to work as close as possible to the designated work center. It is not needed to reset their work center every two minutes to achieve this effect.
  • The work center for all buildings is set to the building's exit location by default.
Construction Sites

When selecting a construction site, you now have additional options in the left menu to control how many diggers, and builders are working on the construction site.

Construction Sites

This provides you more control of what buildings are get prioritized, and where your workers are located. You can for example let them work on a distant tower with only low priority while keeping the majority of workers in your current main work area.


Houses usually only produce new settlers, now they can also serve as a gathering point for your idle settlers.

House Options

When a house is selected, you can define the number of idle settlers that should gather at the house. Idle settlers will then automatically move to these locations allowing you to always maintain idle settlers in strategic locations of your settlement.


Mines receive additional options to adjust their food delivery priority.

Mine Options

For example, this allows you to increase delivery priority for distant or high yield mines, or stop food distribution for a certain type of food to low yield mines.

Markets/Landing Places

Markets and landing places receive a new option to control the source for the transported goods:

Market Options

You can now set a market or landing place to only transport goods from production buildings. This is useful when you use the market or landing place as a storage facility without requiring help from another player to achieve this effect.

Pioneer Pathways

Pioneers can now be instructed to not only take land in a certain are, but also create path between two points.

Pioneer Pathway

This allows you to focus more on the decision where to expand and maybe make several expansions at once instead of having to focus on the micromanagement of individual pioneers.

Combat Units

Combat units have been modified to pick up their previous movement command when they do not find a suitable target in range anymore. This avoids having to repeatedly send your troops into battle.

Spears originally already have an increased range of two compared to the range of one that swords have. They now also make use of that increased range by fighting in two rows instead of just one.